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Our signage is clear, funky and fun.

We use white for all the lettering, usually over a light-coloured background, with a dark-purple berry and coloured fruits.

Click on the item to download its vector executive file and adjust as instructed for each store.

Jungle Berry - Logo H K.png

Horizontal Logo, no tagline

Please read before producing:

Always refer to the technical project to follow the quantities, sizes, materials, colours and finishings specified for each store.


Please note: each store uses different sizes of each item.

Files are vectorized. In black, just for reference and for best readability. But materials are usually produced in white.


Codes in the file names:

T: Tagline

H: Horizontal
V: Vertical

K: Black

W: White

C: Coloured (CMYK, RGB, hexachrome or pantone)

Berry Face.png

The Berry

Dancing Berry.png

Dancing Berry

Jungle Berry Logo H T.png

Horizontal Logo with tagline

Jungle Berry Logo V.png

Vertical Logo, no tagline

Jungle Berry Logo Berry.png

Berry Logo, no tagline

Jungle Berry Logo T V.png

Vertical Logo with tagline

Jungle Berry Logo Berry T.png

Berry Logo with tagline

Berry's Eyes.png

Berry's Eyes

Hiding Berry.png

Shy Berry

Choose Your Mood.png

Choose your Mood

Premium Açaí.png

Isolated Tagline


Small Medium Large

Order Here.png

Order Here

Superfood coffee shop.png

Superfood Coffee Shop


Big Bowl

be a franchisee.png

Be a Franchisee

JB Social Networks.png

Social Networks


Pequeno Médio Grande


This page should gather everything our partners need to grow their business.
If you miss something, please let us know and we will provide the materials.

And if you have any questions, contact us.

Logo Lift 2019 K3d.png

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